Product list

Young Fresh Coconut

- 100% natural young fresh coconut.-
- Loading : 9 pcs per carton 1 x 20’ FCL , 910 Cartons : (8190 Coconuts) , 40’ FCL = 2050 Cartons (18450 Coconuts)
- OEM brand and tailored custom solution


- The purple mangosteen is a sweet and juicy fruit when ripe from our local farm
- The peak season to find it on Thai markets it is from May to September
- Availability in all type of packaging

Green and Yellow mango

- Supply all types of green and yellow mango ( Nam dokmai )
- Forms : Fresh, Dried, and freeze dried
- Availability in all type of packaging


- Most cultivars and popular type : Kan Yao (ai: ก้านยาว – Long Stem [kâːn jaːw]), Mon Thong (D159, Thai: หมอนทอง – Golden Pillow [mɔ̌ːn tʰɔːŋ]), Kradum Thong (Thai: กระดุมทอง – Golden Button [kràdum tʰɔːŋ])
- Availability in Freshnchips, freeze dried
- OEM brand and tailored custom solution


- Thai guavas are available in the spring and fall
- Generally the size of a softball with apple green skin that can range from bumpy to smooth. The flesh is white with pale yellow seeds and tends to be drier than the pink type of guavas. Thai guavas are only mildly sweet and have very little fragrance. The crunchy flesh and hard seeds are both edible


- Longan is available from winter through spring ranging in size from an olive to a small plum and spherical to ovoid in shape, Longans have a thin rough-to-prickly brown easy to remove shell called a pericarp covering its grayish-white translucent pulp.
- Application : Poach Longan in light sugar syrup. Peel and pit; use the same way as lychees or pitted cherries in dessert soups, smoothies, fruit salads, cocktails and sweet-and-sour dishes.
- Availability in fresh, dried, and freeze dried


- Jackfruit are available in the summer and fall months.
- Availability in fresh , dried and freeze dried, also in chip